The PermaCultureHostel

A villa next to the sea, just behind the dunes, in the middle of a fertile and diverse permaculture garden.  

On the large terrace is enough space for occasional

dance events, yoga classes and art projects.

We are happy to welcome young or old, especially single travelers, but of course also couples or families. Everyone who visits VELA VEGA is invited to participate in our community life and to help shape this project, even for a short time. We live in and with nature, respect and protect it and want to live as plastic-free as possible.

We at VELA VEGA would like to give all travelers,  

contributors and workshop participants a home for the time of their stay, a place of experience and wellbeing in a community. Dolce vita with body and soul!

VELA VEGA the PermaCultureHostel

A film by Claudia Laszczak

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We all have a busy schedule and little time. Therefore, we are constantly optimizing our homepage to make your life easier. With our online booking tool you can book your vacation with us even faster and easier. Whether you have trouble making phone calls during the day or prefer to do everything digitally - you can make your booking directly on our website at any time, with just one click.

Here you can follow the development of VELA VEGA and its projects. In addition, we would like to present you the beauty of Sicily and especially the small town of Licata.

La VELA VEGA was built in 1975 and finally completed in 1986. I bought it in 2021 as "Villa Patrizia", named after the deceased daughter of the previous owner. It has a living area of 400sqm, divided into 10 rooms and 5 bathrooms.

Licata, the sleepy town by the sea, with its almost morbid charm. The life here still takes place as it did 50 years ago. Dive into the past.

Permaculture will be a part of the project VELA VEGA. Supervised by my son, we want to design the 2000sqm garden into a self-sufficient garden.

The dune in front of our villa is a unique habitat for plants and animals. The white broom blooms here in March.

On this beautiful terrace, with a view of the sea, workshops and dance evenings will take place in the future. Anyone who has ideas and wants to to participate is cordially invited.

You can also enjoy chilled out moments on our terrace with a view of the ever-blooming garden.

The idea behind the project

My story

For 7 years I didn't have a home of my own - I lived on boats, worked as a skipper, explored the Mediterranean and crossed the Atlantic twice, braving many a storm. At some point, however, the desire for a home became overwhelming: to maintain more social contacts, to create something of my own, to have a home base and to finally be able to dance Tango Argentino again. However, I could not imagine living alone anymore and so I am looking forward to this kind of living together in a community. My son supports me in this, even though, unlike me, he does not live at VELA VEGA all year round.

Together instead of alone

I've always said that when I've had enough of sailing, I'd like to open a hostel somewhere in the world. Because between the trips I have often lived in some and on the Bahamas even worked in one. I really enjoyed the togetherness, getting to know people and their culture from all over the world. To give them a home for a short time on their travels, to hear their stories, to cook with them, to dance - just to have a good time.


We only have this one world - with all its beauties, resources, problems and solutions. In all the years I have traveled, I have tried to keep my ecological footprint as small as possible. I have avoided flying and have sailed instead.  Now I want to continue that and develop VELA VEGA into a sustainable permaculture project. To do this, we are creating a self-sustainable garden, equipping the hostel with solar panels and our own water treatment system, and aiming to live as plastic-free as possible. My son will design this project. 

My vision

Far away from the stress of everyday life, we live in a green ecological oasis directly by the sea, which offers space for development and tranquility. We want to create an alternative living concept in which hostel guests live together with workshop participants and leaders as well as our volunteers and thus experience a diverse togetherness. Meeting and exchange are very important to us.  We want to give all travelers and workshop participants a home for the duration of their stay; a place of experience and well-being.


Why is the project called "VELA VEGA"?
Well, "VELA" is Italian and means sails. Since sailing is how I got here and it almost sounds like Villa, I thought it was very fitting. "VEGA" is the ship I have spent a lot of time on over the last 7 years, a beautiful classic wooden ship built in 1930. Pilates trips will also be offered on VEGA starting in 2022